Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Manufacturing from Rags to Britches

So I'm driving down the road this morning and I end up at a red light behind a truck with rag-wrapped ladder ends. For years, I've noticed that painters do this! It's just one of those obvious things that jumps out at me because it doesn't look right. It's jimmy rigged! Painters don't want to damage the interior or exterior walls their ladders lean on, so they cushion the ends of their ladders. Since I'm behind the truck at a long light, I have time to have a brief conversation with myself. Haven't the ladder manufactures talked to their customers in the past decade or two, I wonder? Don't the Home Depot guys say something to the ladder distributors about the fact that all the paint guys come in and buy rags and tape with their ladders?


And about this time, I start laughing as I remember a comedian I saw a few months ago. She posed similar questions related to manufacturers and retailers understanding their customers:

  • Why don't tampon manufacturers package a little chocolate in with each tampon?
  • Why don't grocery stores put the chocolate bars next to the female hygiene products?
  • Why can't you buy tampons with your chocolate ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry's or Baskin Robbins?

Studies show that about half of American women crave chocolate before and during their menstrual cycle. Chocolate helps to boost women's magnesium deficiency during this time. More importantly, chocolate sparks chemicals in the brain that give off feelings of euphoria, a much needed boost when you feel bloated.

Are you meeting your customers' needs?

Are you sure?

To the ladder manufacturers: do you talk to painters when they're on the job?

To the tampon manufacturers, such as Natracare: you may be intimately connected with your customers, but don't you know that they just want to have a good talk every now and then?

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