Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Good to Go Behind Swisher Hygiene

If you step into a restroom right after the Swisher guys have been there, you're probably going to have a pleasant visit.

DSC03265 Swisher

Swisher's stickers are in many public restrooms that are cleaner than most. Not only are they good at swishing,  they're also good at driving. I don't know much about this company, but the more I notice the brand, the more I'm impressed I become.

This truck alone says a lot. They post an 800 number on the back  to keep their drivers accountable. If the employee really was driving crazy or speeding, it would probably make it hard to read the number to call it, but I just might call the number to let them know that the driver was responsible. Not many people take the time to report good news. I'm sure I could make someone's day and give them a story that they'd repeat for some time.

"Let me tell you a story about a happy lady who called," they'd say.

The logo is eye-catching and clever. You can tell this is a company that does something with lightning, curvy mountain roads or toilet flushing, but if you keep reading you get an extra hint through the website, Those two words say a lot. It's smart.

Swisher offers customers a green hygiene option for customers who understand the value of using safer and more sustainable products. If they could figure out how to install aromatherapeutic ventilation systems in restrooms, I'd want to invest in them.

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