Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shop and Go is a Clean Experience at Target

If you're out shopping and you need a restroom break, Target is a good place to stop.

DSC06775 Cropped - Target Restroom Policy

Target's outstanding clean restroom policy and procedure is clearly posted for both employees and customers to see.  They really hit the bulls eye on this one. The policy sign posted for customers includes a literal "call to action," to call the team leader if the restroom is unacceptable. I wonder if this means I can call them about the little boy who looked up at me from under the next stall while his mother was busy talking on her cell phone? Nevermind, I was just kidding. Talking on cell phones probably makes shopping a more pleasant experience for moms.

The employee checklist entitled, "Restrooms are Clean," includes subheadings of "spotless, stocked and shiny." The form also provides two simple steps for employees to perform every hour: 1) check when the task is performed, and 2) press the call button when done to alert the manager that cleaning is complete. It's obvious that Target is serious about keeping their restrooms clean all day long.


At the Target in St. John's Town Center in Jacksonville, FL, on June 20, 2009, the restroom was clean and stocked. In no way does this guarantee that all Target restrooms on all days are as clean as this one, but you probably have a better shot at a clean restroom at a Target than at a nearby gas station.

So I'll give Target 7  points on a 10 point scale for their restroom policy and procedures. Here's how they could earn the extra three points in my book:

  1. one more point if the restrooms had windows and/or more fresh air circulation and live plants.
  2. one additional point if it included natural aromatherapy for clean nontoxic air.
  3. one more point if they played pleasant jazz or instrumental music not only in the restroom, but throughout the store.

The red all over the store is a bit much and I think they can learn a few things from Walmart's newer energy-efficient stores with natural lighting in the ceiling. But this is just one customer's opinion.

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