Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eat Every Opinion With Respect

Today I had the chance to stop by a Fresh & Easy store in Las Vegas. I'm the type of person who always reads the "writing on the wall." My eye is naturally drawn to the written word, especially when it has been edited by a comedian.

What might a designer do to avoid this issue in the future?

  • Put the writing on the wall much higher
  • Paint the sentences on the wall instead of using glue-on letters
  • Be prepared to handle repairs immediately as needed
Personally, I think writing on a wall is a super design idea not only for Fresh & Easy, but for any business. So don't avoid it, just look for better ways to get the font on the plaster. It's a great way to display company values or to send subliminal messages to all the readers who enter the space.

I wonder if the company who sold them the letters provided installment instructions or suggestions for optimal use?

Go any other ideas about writing on the wall? Leave your comment here. I believe in eating every opinion with respect.

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